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Mould Making
We welcome the opportunity to discuss complete projects from an early stage, and have the facilities to produce the type of mould tool that best suits your requirements, be it for prototypes, low or high volume production quantities. The tools are then transferred to our modern moulding facility for samples, and subsequently, production.

In addition to a conventional drawing we can accept your information as electronic data such as IGES, Parasolid, DWG, DXF, STEP, VDA-FS, CADL, NFL, STL, SAT.

Hardened Production Tools
Fully hardened tools are manufactured for high production quantities, either single or multicavity, with hot runner systems, side cores or core pull as required.

Soft Steel Tools
To avoid excessive tool costs a tool is made to suit the anticipated volume. To this end many of the tools manufactured and used here are produced using tool steel inserts, but not hardened. A number of these tools have gone on to produce substantially higher volumes in our moulding facility than was originally forecast by the customer.

One example still currently in use is a 1+1 tool with side cores for a Restraint Connector used in the telecom industry moulded in Polycarbonate, has exceeded 1.3 million shots.

A further example also still in production is a 2 impression Dust Cap moulded in Low Density Polyethylene used in the motor industry which has exceeded 2.5 million shots.

Prototype / Low volume
Where there is a need for small production batches, and where appropriate, material such as an injection tool grade of aluminium is used to keep the cost and delivery times to a minimum. A tool made recently in aluminium has exceeded 100,000 shots using Acetal.
Modern microprocessor moulding machines, ranging from 25t to 80t lock, are used offering a fast and reliable production method ensuring that consistently good quality mouldings are produced 24 hours a day.

Insert moulding using brass, steel or plastic inserts, and Cable Overmoulding is carried out on semi-automatic machines.

Engineering materials including Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acetal, ABS, PBT, PEEK, TPE and TPR are processed, as well as commodity materials such as Polypropylene, LDPE and HDPE.

A range of post moulding operations can be carried out, such as the installation of threaded inserts, printing and specific packing requirements.

Rapid Prototyping
Useable parts to test form, fit and function to shorten the design and development cycle are available in days, sometimes even hours, using our brand new Dimension 3D Rapid Prototype printer.

From a CAD model we can produce a part in ABS (different colours are available) so that a design can be seen, tested, and if necessary, changed, before a mould tool is produced.

This process can be carried out as many times as is necessary to ensure that the part is correct, therefore reducing significantly the possibility of expensive and time consuming mould tool modifications.

Complete working assemblies with gear forms, threads and undercuts for prototype use can be manufactured in a matter of days and used during the mould tool manufacture before production parts are available.

The maximum individual model size is 203mm x 203mm x 305mm (8 x 8 x 12 inches). For models larger than this, we suggest producing one or more model parts and bonding them together.

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Plant List
Moulding Machines
  Arburg 270S 250-60
  Arburg 270S 250-150
  Arburg 270S 350-150
  Arburg 370C 800-250
  Arburg 320S 500-150
  Manumold 77/30
Mould Making Equipment
  2 seats of Mastercam 9.1 CAD/CAM
  Dimension SST Rapid Prototype printer
  Vector 7.0 CAD/CAM
  Hurco VM1 Maching Centre with 16 Station Tool-changer
  Hawk 30 Dual Screen Ultimax 4 3-axis CNC Mill
  Hurco 250 Spark Erosion Machine
  Hurco 425 Spark Erosion Machine
  Jones & Shipman 540P Surface Grinder
  XYZ 1400 Lathe with 2-axis DRO
  Colchester 5x20 Chipmaster Lathe
  Bridgeport Turret Mill with 2-axis DRO - 36" Table
  XYZ 3-axis CNC Turret Mill - 42" table
  XYZ Turret Mill with 2-axis DRO - 42" table
In addition there is a full range of ancillary and measuring equipment as used in the manufacture of precision injection mould tools and components.